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    The Director of Jiangsu Hengyuan International Engineering Group Xu Huilong Visited Our Company
    Writer:administrator   ‖  Publish Time:2016-6-13  ‖  Check572 frequency  ‖  

    On April 26, 2016,the direcor of Jiangsu Hengyuan International Engineering Group Xu Huilong visited our company. The general manager and party secretary Li Yongmao, vice-general manager Wang Shutang, deputy party secretary Wang Xianwen, vice-general manager Wang Junbiao, general manager assistant and commerce department director Gan Zhenqing,office director Hao Fenguang, international department manager Zhu Zhengjun participated in the discussion communication meeting.

    During the meeting,Mr. Xu gave a detailed introduction on the development of Jiangsu International Engineering Group during last few years and expressed his wish on the cooperation of two companies in the field of electric power energy ,especially on the international project and also shared his vision of achieving win-win scenario.

    Mr.Li expressed his warm welcome to Mr.Xu and his team and introduced the history and development of Shanxi ,especially on the development of international business .Mr.Li also pointed out that the company now has paid high attention to international market and wished to strengthen communication and cooperate with Jiangsu by opening the market in the way of joint venture, exploring new business modes so as to push forward the cooperation on project engineering and investment and achieve win-win development.

    Shanxihad signed formal agreement withJiangsuon this visit and came to an agreement that both parties would exchange ideas periodically which laid the foundation for future deep cooperation.

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