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    Science and Technology Meeting of 2017
    Writer:administrator   ‖  Publish Time:2017-4-5  ‖  Check484 frequency  ‖  

        On February 24th, the meeting of Science and Technology of 2017 was held. The following personnel were present at the meeting:

    1. Wang Xianwen, Vice-Secretary

    2. Hu JunjieVice-general Manager,

    3. Liang Yubo, Vice-general Manager,

    4. Han Junqing, Chief Engineer,

    5. Zhang Jiangping,General Manager of Shanxi No.3 Electric Power Construction Company,

    6. Members of Committee on Science and Technology,

    7. Person chiefly in charge of subsidiary company

        At the meeting, the Science and Technology Department summed up the situation of company’s engineering and technical work, carefully analyzed the achievements and deficiencies of scientific and technological achievements, research and development projects, invention patents, QC results, optimization programs and optimization design, and had made the specific arrangement for 2017. Baode project department and boiler engineering department had exchanged views on their experience in scientific and technological work, and made suggestions on improving the scientific and technological strength of the company, accumulating talents, accumulating advanced engineering technology, promoting advanced technology methods and improving the quality of engineering construction.

        Finally, the company leaders made important instructions: in the year of 2017, key scientific and technological work requirements like reporting national technology center work and obtaining R & D project cost support from the Ministry of Science and Technology will be made. All units should, as always, pay great importance to scientific and technological work, implement the staff, find research and development topics, and works closely with the project for the cost reduction, for scientific and technological work to achieve better results and work.


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