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    Signing a Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement with CACG in Beijing
    Writer:administrator   ‖  Publish Time:2017-4-5  ‖  Check389 frequency  ‖  

    On December 1, our company signed a Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement with China Aerospace Construction GroupCACGin Beijing. Our general manager Li Yongmao and chairman of CACG Yu Xiguo attended the signing ceremony and made the significant speech. Our vice-general manager Zhang Ruisheng and the president Ma Xiangdong of the 3rd Research Insititude of CACG signed the agreement respectively. The relevant person from both sides participated in the activity.
    According to the agreement, both sides would cooperate deeply with each other for a long term in the field of civil-military integration construction. They are trying to expand the depth and breadth of this cooperation, promote the complementary advantages, establish mutual benefits and win-win results, set up long-term and stable cooperation relationship.

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