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    Executive Director of International Energy Agency Visited EPPEI
    Writer:administrator   ‖  Publish Time:2017-3-14  ‖  Check1089 frequency  ‖  

        On February 17th, Dr. Fatih Birol, Executive Director of International Energy Agency (IEA) visited EPPEI, subsidiary of Energy China. Both sides held discussions on strengthening further cooperation between EPPEI and IEA.
    During the visit, both sides reviewed the cooperation in the past, and exchanged ideas on issues of common interest, including business cooperation, personnel exchange, etc.
        Mr. Xie Qiuye extended warm welcome to Fatih Birol. He introduced the basic information of EPPEI and the achievements of international business. Suggestions had been proposed to further strengthen the cooperation between EPPEI and IEA.
        Dr. Fatih Birol expressed thanks for the long time support from EPPEI and fully affirmed the achievements of EPPEI’s international business. He introduced the basic information of IEA and the main business IEA carried out in China. He hoped EPPEI would make a more important role in the cooperation between China and IEA, and jointly promote the research on clean coal utilization, etc. On February 16th, 2017, National Energy Administration of China - International Energy Agency Three Year Cooperation Programme (2017-2019) was signed in Beijing by Nur Bekri, Administrator of National Energy Administration and Fatih Birol, Executive Director of IEA, which proposed that the two sides would strengthen cooperation in energy policy, energy development and other sectors. The programme also planned to set up a cooperation office in China.

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