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    图标 Energy China participated in the Second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation Browse:354time Contribute:2019-5-30
    图标 Energy China participated in the Second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation Browse:403time Contribute:2019-5-30
    图标 Shanxi Electric Power Construction Co.,Ltd. Won the Bid for the Class C Maintenance Project of Cambodia Sihanoukville Coal Power Plant Browse:416time Contribute:2019-4-29
    图标 Ding Yanzhang Visits Spain Browse:472time Contribute:2019-2-25
    图标 Two Contracts Signed Witnessed by Heads of China and Philippine Browse:473time Contribute:2019-2-25
    图标 Ding Yanzhang Meets with the Vice-Premier of Russian Federation Browse:417time Contribute:2018-11-20
    图标 Wang Jianpin Attends the 2018 Energy Infrastructure Cooperation Forum Browse:389time Contribute:2018-11-20
    图标 Malawi President Peter Mutharika Visits Energy China Browse:292time Contribute:2018-10-25
    图标 Wang Jianping Visits Niger President Issoufou Browse:214time Contribute:2018-12-27
    图标 Ding Yanzhang Meets with Mozambique President Browse:202time Contribute:2018-10-5
    图标 Wang Jianping Attends the 2018 China-Thailand Economic and Trade Cooperation Forum Browse:171time Contribute:2018-10-5
    图标 Energy China Signs a Memorandum of Understanding with the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus Browse:166time Contribute:2018-8-6
    图标 Energy China Signs Strategic Cooperation Agreement with International Company for Water and Power Projects of Saudi Arabia Browse:139time Contribute:2018-8-6
    图标 Signing the Overseas Branched Co-building Agreement between CEEC-SEPCC and CEEC-IC Browse:435time Contribute:2018-5-25
    图标 Niger Prime Minister Brigi Rafini Visits Energy China Browse:372time Contribute:2018-5-25
    图标 Successful Synchronization of the Columbia GECELCA3.2 Coal-fired Power Station Project Browse:462time Contribute:2018-5-9
    图标 Annual Results Announcement For 2017 of Energy China Browse:384time Contribute:2018-5-2
    图标 Wang Jianping Meets with Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa Browse:419time Contribute:2018-5-2
    图标 Energy China Ranks Among ENR Top Browse:3393time Contribute:2017-9-19
    图标 EPPEI Signs Letter of Agreement on Mutual Cooperation with IEA Browse:620time Contribute:2017-8-9

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