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    110kv Booster Station Engineering of Wind Power in Ningwu Dongmafang
    Writer:administrator   ‖  Publish Time:2016-6-13  ‖  Check850 frequency  ‖  

    Huaneng Shanxi Ningwu Dongmafang 110KV wind power booster station project is located in Ningwu county, Xinzhou city,Shanxiprovince.

    It covers an area of 12600 square meters and was invested and constructed by Shanxi new energy branch of Huaneng wind power Co.,Ltd., designed by Beijing Guozhuang economic technology Co., Ltd., supervised by Shanxi Hexiang Jiantong Engineering Management Co.,Ltd. and undertaken by Shanxi No.4 Electric power construction Co.,Ltd. Construction scope includes 35KV indoor distribution room, outdoor distribution equipment support base, equipment support base, equipment base, cable duct line, main control building, living building and SVG reactive power compensation chamber etc. The project started on May 7th,2010. The earth of living building and main control building had been finished excavating on June 15.The main structure of them were completed on July28. Architecture and equipment foundation were finished on September 15.Architecture and equipment support started to be installed on September 20. Electrical equipment started to be installed on September 25. On May 19, 2011, Huaneng NingWu Dongma fang 110KV wind power booster station project was primary energized successfully, received the praise from owners and the related parties.


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