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    Ding Yanzhang Meets with Deputy Prime Minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Writer:administrator   ‖  Publish Time:2017-6-5  ‖  Check460 frequency  ‖  

    On May 15, Ding Yanzhang, general manager of Energy China met with Mirko Sarovic, Deputy Prime Minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations, who is in Beijing to attend the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation. The two sides held friendly talks about further enhancing collaboration in power and Infrastructure construction in Bosnia and Herzegovina and reached extensive consensus.
    Ding welcomed the visit of Deputy Prime Minister. He introduced about the history and overall strength of Energy China, as well as its representative projects, and highlighted the international business and achievements of CGGC, one of the leading subsidiaries of Energy China. Ding expressed that Europe is one of the key targeted markets of Energy China. Leveraging on the financing and engineering capabilities of CGGC, Energy China will actively participate in the construction and investment in the power, transportation and other areas, and contribute to the social and economic development in Bosnia and Herzegovina by achieving a win-win result.
    Sarovic expressed his thanks to Energy China for participating in the power and infrastructure construction of Bosnia and Herzegovina. He spoke highly of CGGC’s strategy and practice of internationalization. He also mentioned, Bosnia and Herzegovina will continue to strengthen the communication with China, and further promote mutually beneficial cooperation in energy field between two countries, by supporting the sustained and in-depth involvement of Energy China in the power and infrastructure construction and investment, making new contributions to the bilateral trade cooperation and injecting new momentum to build the Belt and Road together.

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