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    Ding Yanzhang Meets with EFFORT Group CEO
    Writer:administrator   ‖  Publish Time:2017-5-18  ‖  Check1280 frequency  ‖  

        On the morning of 30th March, Ding Yanzhang, general manager of Energy China met with Ms. Azeb, Member of Parliament and Ethiopian Revolutionary Front Central Committee as well as CEO of EFFORT Group and her party in Beijing. The two sides held a friendly talk regarding market cooperation in the field of power engineering and witnessed the signing of an MOU between Energy China and EFFORT Group.
        Firstly, Mr. Ding Yanzhang welcomed Ms. Azeb and her party on behalf of Energy China, and then he introduced the basic situation of Energy China and the developing condition of projects in Ethiopia. Mr. Ding Yanzhang said that China-Ethopia friendship has a long history, currently there are three opportunities between two countries including “China Development”, “One Belt One Road” and “Sino-Africa Cooperation”. In the future, the cooperation between two countries has bright prospects. He also added that Energy China emphasizes great importance to develop good relationship with EFFORT Group, and he hopes that both parties can cooperate more and complement each other’s advantages and seek to work together in energy & power, infrastructure construction and other aspects in the future.
        Ms. Azeb said she was delighted to visit Energy China, and then she praised the achievements and strength of Energy China, followed by the introduction of business development of EFFORT Group. She pointed that two companies are mutually complementary in many aspects, which lay the solid foundation for multilayer, comprehensive and in-depth good cooperative relations against the current historical background.

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