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    Successfully Energizing and Synchronization of No. 3 Coal-fired Power Generating Unit in Ha Tinh Province of Vietnam
    Writer:administrator   ‖  Publish Time:2017-4-5  ‖  Check4013 frequency  ‖  

    On February 23, the project of No. 3 coal-fired power generating unit in Ha Tinh Province of Vietnam undertaken by CEEC-SEPCC(China Energy Engineering Group-Shanxi Electric Power Construction Co.,LTD.) was successfully energized and synchronized by the first time. The technology indicators meet the owner’s requirements.

    It was reported that 3×150MW coal-fired power plant units and 2×100MW gas power generation units were the auxiliary projects of the large-sized iron and steel industry in Ha Tinh Province, Vietnam. 5 units for the first stage of project were constructed by SXDJ. After being put into operation, the projects were not only providing power for iron and steel industry’s internal use, but also providing clean, reliable and low cost of power for the north-central areas of Vietnam. It would positively promote local economic development and improve people's livelihood. 


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