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    Vice- chief economist and executive director Gao Yuguang visited Wuzhong thermal power plant
    Writer:administrator   ‖  Publish Time:2016-6-13  ‖  Check4953 frequency  ‖  

    Mr.Gao Yuguang, vice- chief economist and executive director of China Energy Engineering Group Co.,Ltd.(CEEC),came to Wuzhong thermal power plant project department for inspection. Mr. Liang Yubo ,general manager of Shanxi No.1 Electric Power Construction Co.,Ltd., accompanied him on this visit.

    Mr.Gao has carefully inspected main house building, boiler body etc on the construction site. And then, professionals of the project department held a meeting. Project manager made a detailed report for safety civilization construction and explained current situation that late arrival of the pro-phase equipment and drawings caused the short of construction period and heavy input of human resources and machinery.

    Mr.Gao praised project progress, quality technology and safety civilization construction and put forward specific requirements on the following work. First, speeding up progress of rob water pressure and creating conditions for thermal insulation. Second, electric and instrument work must be seriously organized and coordinated to ensure the construction progress. Third, make sure that the turbine cylinder can be implemented on scheduled May 20 by increasing the construction personnel and carrying out on two shifts. Fourth, the project department should collect the firsthand information to negotiate with the owner claims later. Fifth, to be strict with construction site management, make the finished product protection, guarantee the engineering quality and reduce repair. Sixth, department should ensure project progress, the work of safety civilized construction management should also be raised to a new level at the same time. Mr.Liang required that everyone in project department should conscientiously implement Mr.Gao’s general speech spirit,  and make sure that safety civilized construction should be progressed steadily by revising the construction schedule on time .

    Finally, Gao Yuguang made a friendly communication with the owner, aiming to reach a consensus on the existing problems.

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