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    Brief Introduction
    Writer:administrator   ‖  Publish Time:2016-6-12  ‖  Check1955 frequency  ‖  

    Shanxi Electric Power Construction Co.,Ltd. is established in 1953.It is a large state-owned enterprise attached to China Energy Engineering Group Co.,Ltd.(CEEC) as a wholly-owned subsidiary and presents outstanding market development capacity, obvious advantages in operation and management and powerful construction strength of the electric power construction group construction enterprise.

    Shanxi Electric Power Construction Co.,Ltd. is a powerful company with annual revenue of over 4 billion Yuan and nearly ten thousand staff, after merging and reorganizing Shanxi No.1 Electric Power Construction Company, Shanxi No.3 Electric Power Construction Company and Shanxi No.4 Electric Power Construction Company since 2012. The company and its subordinate enterprises are all qualified to conduct Grade-A general contracting of electric power engineering construction and building engineering construction and boasts of license for installation and maintenance of special equipment and installation of civil nuclear pressure retaining components, national Class 1 metal laboratory and civil engineering laboratory, industrial Class 1 welding training center, business certificate for foreign contracting, abundant machinery equipment, elite management on electric or non-electric power construction, together with ability of risk control and resource integration.

    Company implements flatting management in an all-round way. Its headquarters has nine functional departments, eight subsidiaries (Shanxi No.1 Electric Power Construction Company and Shanxi No.3 Electric Power Construction Company are all wholly-owned subsidiaries qualified to conduct Grade-A general contracting of electric power engineering construction and building engineering construction), seven professional branch companies and a number of project departments. The company has the abundant machinery and equipment, management and technical teams, and has accumulated rich experience in domestic and international engineering construction, contract to build ,with the ability of building many large and medium-sized power stations, electric transmission circuit and sets of transformer substations, industrial and civil construction projects and its business scope covering extensive general contracting ,specialized construction contracting, construction management and consultation services.

    The company and its subordinate enterprises have a long history, making outstanding contributions to electric power industry development, creating the spectacular results and building a number of high-quality goods projects forShanxiProvinceand even the whole country. The company and its subordinate enterprise have undertaken many engineering projects in more than a dozen of provinces (cities and autonomous regions) in domestic and nearly ten countries abroad for years. In recent years, with good social reputation and flexible marketing strategy, the company dares to capture opportunities in the crisis, forges ahead in the fierce competition, focuses our efforts on the national and international markets, exploits the two fields of electricity and non-electricity, vigorously implements the development strategy of “going out” under the strong leadership of China Energy Engineering Group Co.,Ltd.(CEEC). The company has contributed some important international energy engineering projects inIndonesia,Vietnam,Botswana,Belarus,Serbia etc. It has completed the civil construction ofChina’s first 1000kv UHV testing and demonstration project. It also has contributed the important national coal field, wind electricity, straw, biomass, gas power generating projects. All of these projects achieved the first-class level of project quality,management and progress,received high praise from domestic and international owners, which not only promote the image of China Electric Construction ,but also established the International brands of our company.Our business has developed from coal fire areas to environmental protection, energy-saving, new energy areas, with construction spreading all over the country and even the world, and made great contributions to China electric construction business. The flag of CEEC-SEPCC flies all over the world, not only fromBelarustoIndonesia, but also fromColombiatoAfrica.

    After hard development, the company and its subordinate enterprises in power engineering construction won high praises from all walks of life. The projects undertaken by the company have won a number of awards,including the “Luban Prize”, top award in China’s construction industry, Gold and Silver Medals of National Quality Project Award, Gold Medal in the National Contest of Coal-fires Power Plant Units, Shanxi Province “Fenshui cup and Shanxi Province Taihang cup etc. The company also won “Shanxi Top 20 enterprises of construction comprehensive strength”, “China's top ten advanced enterprise for productivity , “China electric power construction excellent construction enterprise”, “China electric power construction satisfactory construction enterprises”, “Top100 inChina enterprises of world productivity independent innovation ”, “The power industry outstanding enterprises in Shanxi Province”, “ Customer satisfaction enterprises in Shanxi Province” ;and has been awarded many times as “Shanxi civilized unit ”, “Shanxi advanced unit of safety production ”,“Shanxi provincial industry technology center”, “Science and technology awards for China construction enterprises of management association ”,  “Shanxi high quality project”,  “The third prize for technology innovation system construction achievement of electric power enterprise in2015.

    The company and its subordinate enterprise has been rated as  Shanxi provincial civilized and harmonious unit model, Shanxi province civilized and harmonious unit for many years, and has been awarded "Advanced enterprise", "Civilized unit" for many times. Our company has won many honorary titles, such as Home of National Model Staff, National May 1st  Woman Model , Shanxi Province "May 1 labor medal", The national youth civilization, Top ten leading enterprise of culture units for China's electric power industry. Many employees have won many honorary titles, such as the labor model of state grid corporation, the labor model of CEEC, the labor model ofShanxi Province,ShanxiProvince May 1 labor medal.

    Achieving great accomplishments is due to great ambitions; to accomplish such a feat, consistently lies in hard working. With rapid development in China's economy and the rapid advance in globalization and internationalization, CEEC is a powerful company in today's energy production and consumption revolution era, following the spirit of enterprise "pragmatic, honest, efficient and innovative", adhering to the enterprise idea "create high-quality goods, spread the light", sincerely looking forward to attention and support of colleagues and friends from all walks of life, hand in hand and win-win cooperation. With sincere commitment of enterprise character, advanced and reliable construction technology, scientific and efficient management, our company provides quality engineering and premium services for customers, making greater contribution to electric power construction enterprise forChinaand even the world.

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